Ice Pan Ice Cream

IcePan is Natural and Nutritious ice cream made right in front of your eyes. You choose the flavor and the type of milk you want, then watch the IcePan team make your favorite ice cream in about a minute right in front of you! The best part is that itís all natural, nutritious and tasty ice cream that is definitely healthier than conventional ice cream.

Ice Pan creates:

  • Natural Ice Cream
  • Instantly Blended with Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.
  • No Artificial Colors or Preservatives

Advantages of Ice Pan:

  • Quick: Made within about a minute
  • Dairy Choices: SOY, Nonfat, Regular, or Whole
  • Flexibility: 15 Fresh toppings, and 10 flavors of ice cream

Ingredient Comparison

Ice Pan Ice cream Ordinary Ice Cream
Very low in sugar, fat and cholesterol Extremely high in sugar, fat and cholesterol
Color Additives: Absolutely NONE! Most common color additives are the compounded products of benzene from coal-tar and naphthalene. These additives can cause major damage to your digestive system, liver and kidney.